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Bible Study 6:30 PM

The warm-hearted church with the heart-warming message.

Our Pastor


 Pastor Anthony Aiken


 Pastor and Mrs. Aiken joined the ministry of Bible Baptist Church in January of 2017. Originally from Greenville, South Carolina, the couple moved here from Pensacola, Florida.


During his early childhood, Pastor Aiken's family did not really attend church regularly or live for the Lord. His father, however, was a preacher's kid, and one summer, Pastor Aiken's grandparents invited him and his sister to visit with them. It was during that summer, on his twelfth birthday, that he trusted Christ as Savior.

Briefly after accepting Christ, he began to recognize the calling of God on his life to preach and began preaching and ministry involvement throughout his teenage years.



While attending Pensacola Christian College and West Coast Baptist College, Pastor Aiken participated in weekly Christian service activities. During this time, he also took on many student leadership positions.

In positions following college, he was consistently involved in the recruitment, training, and oversight of volunteers for various church ministries including youth, single adults, choirs, orchestra, church media, sound and lighting, outreach and transportation ministries, and Christian education.

When Pastor and Mrs. Aiken were married, the two of them moved to  Pensacola, FL where he attended the Pensacola Theological Seminary with the specific intent of eventually pastoring a church.


Anthony's grandfather, Dr. Melvin Aiken had been Alaina's pastor since the couple was five and six years old, so in one sense, the pair really grew up together. In fact, when they got engaged, Anthony and Alaina were watching some old family videos and actually found that Alaina was running around in some of the Aiken family's movies.

Even though this was true, Anthony and Alaine were never really interested in one another romantically as teenagers. In high school, they attended the same classes, but never really talked.

It wasn't until Anthony was doing ministry and living in San Jose and that Alaina was doing ministry and living in Hong Kong that the two of them started communicating with one another by Facebook. Facebook became FaceTime and then time face-to-face until they were dating and then engaged and then married.