Current Special Projects List

·      Replace Sound System (CURRENT PROJECT)

·      Parking Lot Paving (ESTIMATE $40,000)

·      Handicap Accessibility

·      Auditorium Carpet Replacement

·      Front Door Replacement (Hurricane Impact Glass)

Replace Front Porch Carpet (COMPLETE)

Replace Auditorium Screen (COMPLETE)

Children’s Ministry Room Cabinets (COMPLETE)

Commercial Lawn Mower Purchase (COMPLETE)

Rain Gutters (CANCELLED)

Architectural Arches Over Auditorium Windows (COMPLETE)

Hurricane Shutters (COMPLETED--On parsonage)


Air Conditioner Replacement Project

  1. Children’s Ministry Room     $3,950 (COMPLETE)
  2. Teen Room                             $3,950 (COMPLETE)
  3. Piano Lesson Suite                $3,950 (COMPLETE)
  4. Adult Classroom 1                 $3,800 (COMPLETE)
  5. Adult Classroom 2                 $3,800 (COMPLETE)
  6. Ed Wing Office Space            $3,800 (COMPLETE)

               TOTAL:                                $23,250 (FINAL TOTAL $20,650)


Roof Project


 Just a few years ago, the roof at Bible Baptist Church was falling in, ceilings were collapsing in unused classrooms across the education wing, but God has done a wonderful work of providing for and revitalizing His church.

The people of Bible Baptist Church have remained committed to doing ministry debt free for so many years, but when faced with the insurmountable roof issue, with much prayer, we voted unanimously to take out a very necessary loan to solve the problem.

The project cost nearly $125,000 to complete and included a brand new metal roof on every building on the property. Much of the existing decking was rotted and required the replacement of more than 200 sheets of plywood.

We rejoice that we are all dried-in now! No more leaks!

Ceilings have been restored, and now classroom spaces are being used all across the property. The roof is almost entirely paid for at the time of this writing. The ministry will once again be debt free, and we will begin saving for future expansion! We give God all the glory--great things He hath done!